Monday, 30 July 2012

Truly Horrifying

I am slightly horrified to find myself enjoying the olympics.  more than slightly horrified actually, and bordering on aghast. 

I'm not a great lover of sport generally, other than stuff that seems to fall under the heading of sport by default (synchronised swimming, rhythmic gymnastics).  But I find myself actively watching the olympics at any given moment.  not only watching, but enjoying.

This weekend alone I've seen judo, rowing, synchronised diving, archery, dressage, hockey, football, boxing, cycling and beach volleyball.  And with the exception of the volleyball and the dressage, none of it was for the purpose of a sneaky bit of pervery.  What is happening to me?  Is it another step on the road of turning into my mother (who is *obsessed* with the olympics)? Is it because I myself am actually participating in (and even enjoying) exercise these days?  Is it just because i'm in london and the atmosphere is rubbing off on me?

Whatever, I'm enjoying it.  And for everyone's enjoyment, I give you Zara Phillips <swoon>

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